Monday, 18 January 2016

Tangential Torrent of TYPE (Proofreading Not Guaranteed)

The great thing about this blog is that I can say whatever I like, because no one is ever going to read it. So maybe I'll start writing in it again, just to get my fingers a-tapping away.
Speaking of tapping. I got myself a new keyboard not so long ago. A nice, shiny--in the literal sense and the Firefly sense--mechanical one. It has lighty up blue lights. Which, whilst* totally unnecessary, make me feel like I'm writing things from a spaceship. What's not cool about that? It's also very clicky clacky. It hasn't made my already loud typing any quieter, no siry.
Of course I can't say I use it all that often. There aren't many occasions when I do my writing at home. These days I write at a cafe.
Yeah, yeah, I know. I've fallen into that stereotype of young, aspiring writer, writing in a cafe... but hey, wherever I can get words down works for me. And I have been getting words down. I started a new project, after never finishing the old project, and it's going quite well. I'm around 50k words in, maybe a little under, maybe a little over. It's hard to tell, because not all of my writing is in one place. On the computer I use the program scrivner, which I love, but it's not where I've been doing most of my writing. Instead of lugging the laptop around--though I still lug it around, as I can't be too far from it for too long--I take around an Alphasmart Neo 2 and write on that. It's like this... well hold on, I'll pull up a photo.

It's this little guy. A keyboard with an LCD screen. Simple, not terribly aesthetically pleasing, but amazing none the less. The keyboard is surprisingly good. It's not mechanical, but I think I love it even more than my mechanical keyboard. If only because I still mess up and make a lot of mistakes on the bulky mech. On this one, my words flow almost as fast as they come out of my head. I mean, on a good day, when words are comin' out fast.
They don't always come out fast.

Speaking of writing from a spaceship, which I sort of was before I ran off on that tangent there, I've been collaborating with a friend. We're come up for an idea for a TV show. Screenwriting is something I've never delved into, but lately I've been looking into it. Reading scripts, getting a feel for the format and such, and I'm starting to like it. It's a lot like writing prose, just with more structure. Nothing wrong with structure. I think I need a little in my life, usually makes me function better. We've been getting the universe right in our heads and writing about each of the characters we've come up with. We have a couple of the first scenes roughly hashed out, at least, what happens in them. We haven't written any of the pilot yet. Which is strange for me. Usually I start with the writing part, and come up with it as I go--then edit like a motherfucker. Working with my friend is making me do it all different. It's good, I'm getting a look at how other people work.
This certainly seems like the more efficient way to go about it, but I like not knowing what's going to happen next! Well, sometimes I like it. Sometimes it blocks me from writing, but not for too long. I figure it all out eventually. If it takes my characters time to get there, I can fix it later.

I can fix it later. That's something I say perhaps a little too often. Whenever this magical, mystical, faraway "later" comes around, I'm going to be in for a LOT of work. Nothing wrong with work, though. Sometimes I think procrastinating is harder than work. You know, it's just so stressful. But I'm really good at procrastinating, so I'll do a lot of that, to get it out of the way, before starting on the work part.

What was I saying? Yeah, blog thing. Life, yes, life... well. Life is good. Holidays are upon me, have been for a while now. New to these holiday things, at least, it's been a long time since I've had them for this long. Still keeping a routine--structure, good for me, remember?--it's keeping me writing. Up every morning before seven, gym, write, laze around, repeat. That's basically my life for another month before uni starts up again. A part of me can't wait to get back to uni, another part is enjoying this freedom to just sit down and write every day. When am I going to get another time like this? After uni, I'll have to go out and get a job again. That job isn't going to give me as much time to write for fun. When I do get time to write, I'll likely be tired from work. But that's alright. When I get there, I'll deal with that. Now I'm here, so I'll deal with now.

Profound. Whoa.

If you're reading this. Um, hi, why are you here? Not like, existentially, I mean, why are you here on this blog? Seriously, if you got this far, leave a comment. I'm genuinely curious.

*My journalism teacher hates whilst. She says we should use while, but I love whilst. I'll always love whilst.